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feature image "This is a newspaper with a mind of its own and a voice that’s clear. We are free from proprietorial influence. We are not swayed by political affiliation. We, like our readers, have an independent perspective on life, which, we believe, comes through the conviction of our opinions and the excellence of our writing."
SIMON KELNER, Editor-in-Chief


There have been a few changes to The Independent newspaper.

Your copy of The Independent has colour on every page. This will allow us to strengthen our bold and graphic approach to design, producing a paper that is visually more appealing and even easier to navigate.


The Extra section has under gone a sassy makeover and has been renamed Life.


We will also be upgrading our arts and books coverage with an expanded and improved magazine on Fridays, and strengthening our sports coverage on Mondays to complement our new Saturday sports section, which has proved so popular with readers.

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Format Changes

On 23 September 2008 the main newspaper became full-colour and "Extra" was replaced by a "Independent Life".


The Independent Life appears in the main jacket of the newspaper Monday through to Thursday. The Independent Life focuses on different themes each day bringing you the latest fashion trends as well as food recipes with health & wellbeing in mind. On Friday we have our Arts and Books supplement bringing you the latest Books & Film reviews. Please see below for more detail.

feature imageHealth and Wellbeing
Each week there will be a human interest story, which opens the section. Some coming up are: • The acrobat whose body was shattered in an accident at the Millennium Dome, and how pilates helped her recover. She is now a pilates teacher. • The high-flying TV producer who has a total nervous breakdown at only 25. She has now produced a book that aims to destigmatise mental health Regular features include information on health or well being guides of some sort such as how to beat a cold, by the director of the common cold centre and a weekly column by Jeremy Laurance, our esteemed health editor, called Medical Life, in which he gives us the inside track on the week's health stories.

feature image Games and Gadgets
The gadgets and games section is where the worlds of aspiration and entertainment collide. From the iPhone rivals that are making CEOs swoon to the cutting-edge MP3 players designed for DJs, the best budget buys that won't break the bank to the grooviest games for the biggest of kids, everything you need to know about the latest - and greatest - gizmos and gear is covered. Forthcoming features include: • Football Crazy - can FIFA 09 and Pro Evo Soccer ever beat playing the beautiful game for real? • A Touch of Class - Dom Joly tests out the latest touchscreen mobiles. • Virtual Insanity - the interactive art exhibition that's also a videogame. • Extreme DIY - the best tricks to pimp your tech from website Hack and Mod.

feature image Food and Drinks
Regular features in this supplement include weekly recipes. Coming up in our "The Ten Best" we have: Ten best Autumn cookbooks, Ten best ciders and Ten best autumn red wines. Taking a sneaky peak at the editorials we've got The South Downs: England's very own champagne region by Terry Kirby. Jamie Merrill dines on nine courses all based on chocolate - even the fish course. The chef Henry Dimbleby lets us into his kitchen to show what equipment every serious cook needs. Tim Walker samples an authentic Tudor meal at Hampton Court. Dim Sum for beginners - Esther Walker takes a master class.

feature image Arts and Books
"This is a serious but lively cultural supplement embracing diverse areas of the arts and uniting them with a classic design and a strength of writing and expertise which ensures a bold cultural statement each week."



This creative and cutting-edge supplement runs with regular features for film, music, theatre and books. It provides readers with a weekly dose of entertainment, which forms an integral part of their lifestyle in a digestible format.