Intel: Work, Relax, Play


  • Increase unaided awareness of Intel and impact purchase decision
  • Enhance readers’ understanding of the values of an intel processor
  • Demonstrate that it will have a positive impact on their lives

Time period
Nov-Dec 2007

The Independent Audience

  • 35 % of Independent readers own a PC at home – the highest of all quality national press
  • 37% of Independent readers own a laptop – highest of all quality national press
  • 62% of Independent readers own a games console at home – the highest of all quality
    national press
  • 3% spend 10+hrs a week playing computer games – the highest of all quality national press
  • 21% of Independent readers download music onto their PC – the highest of all quality national
  • 38% of Independent on Sunday readers work from home – highest of all quality national press

Source: TGI Jul 06 – Jun 07

In order to meet the objectives of this campaign Independent Solutions put together a package including print and online elements.

Work, Relax, Play Magazine
The flip-fronted glossy newsstand style magazine identifies key ways readers can improve the way they work, rest and play, which all relate to the multiple benefits of the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor. For longevity we published 2 issues across 3 months. Working with intel and The Independent’s talented editorial team, we developed a detailed editorial synopsis and flat plan delivering Intel’s key messages throughout. The subjects chosen for the celebrity interviews and case studies across each magazine allowed us to cover the range of functions the processor enables for home-workers as well as for entertainment uses. Each magazine is split into 3 main sections to clearly define the functions, capabilities and benefits users can expect with the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor. The aim was to bring the chip to life, putting it at the forefront of consumer’s minds when purchasing a new PC/notebook.

To increase consumer knowledge and awareness of intel we set up a partnership with PC World Stores who benefit from increased in store-footfall and potential sales. The flip-fronted design of the magazine appeals to retailers as they can display either the Work front cover or Play front cover face up, depending on location within the store.

In the centre sections of both magazines we included an 8-page pull-out & keep buyers guide featuring reviews of some of the most innovative technology products for either work or play which are in stock in PC World stores.


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To compliment the print magazine, we produced 2 x 5 minute short films or vodcasts. These incorporate interviews with the featured celebrities within the magazine. Each short film is an extension of the magazine interview with exclusive content and further insight into their aspirational working lives.

The video podcast is:

  • Placed on Intel & Independent website
  • Uploaded onto iTunes
  • Available to participating retailers to aid with competition and in-store promotions


feature image
We created a Intel branded microsite to bring all strands of the promotion together where customers can view the vodcast, enter the competitions and view the print magazines online. The site has a very young and urban design feel, which is also reflected across the print magazines with clearly branded sections of Work, Relax and Play. The site will be promoted via online sky’s and banners and also via our regular email newsletter to Independent subscribers.

Linked to the main sections of the magazine and including fantastic prizes for retailer buy-in, we have included several Work, Relax, Play competitions. Each one corresponds to the relevant part of the campaign differentiated by technology use for leisure or work purposes.

The variety of prizes will help in attracting a broad section of people with differing computing requirements. The competition will be exclusive to the participating retailer’s customers and Independent readers.

intel road show

Road Show
David Phelan, The Independent’s technology editor, took part in 1hr demos of gadgets featured in the Work, Relax, Play supplement within PC World stores. David has an extensive knowledge of technology and also some acting experience, which makes him the perfect choice for this assignment. A representative from Intel joined David to help demonstrate key aspects of processor capabilities.

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