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Independent Solutions is about great ideas and exceptional delivery. We are able to offer a wide variety of platforms for creative projects including, print, online, mobile broadcast standard video and radio plus events.

Every project we produce is bespoke, specifically tailored to a client's needs and we take care of every aspect of project management from inception to completion. Our goal is to make every project, no matter how complex, as simple as possible for the client. There is no need to just take our word for it. We have a series of case studies showcasing our ideas, execution and the ROI we provide. You can view a selection in the Case Studies section of this site. For a selection of pod- and vodcasts produced for campaigns, please go to the top left menu of this page.

Independent Solutions

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Case Studies

Welcome to our case studies page. Here you will find examples of campaigns we have done recently and how we created special solutions for our clients. Each case study highlights the campaign objectives, research outcome and creatives used. This will give you a good idea of what we at The Independent can do for you and how you can get the best out of your campaigns.

All case studies on this page are examples of projects we can fit around individual brands. If you have specific requirements for your brands we will create a unique campaign tailored to your needs and budget. Please contact us to find out more.

intel case Sony Ericsson: C902
The objective of this campaign was to  develop a media and communication plan that was fully integrated across relevant touchpoints to raise awareness of the partnership between Sony Ericsson and Quantum of Solace and promoting the new Sony Ericsson C902 handset.

intel case Intel: Work, Relax, Play
To promote the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor we put together a campaign which included vodcasts, online and print elements. Two exciting glossy magazines inserted in the paper featured interviews with celebrities like Mark Ronson, Sarah Beeny and DJ Gilles Peterson. We also set up a partnership with PC World to promote the campaign in their stores and online.

feature image 48 Hours: Singapore
The intention of this campaign is to show how diverse and unique Singapore is by taking the reader on a non-stop visual and audio journey with one of the most well-known and respected broadcasters and journalists within Travel today, Simon Calder. With pod-and vocasts as well as a stand-alone supplement this campaign is one of our most innovative.

feature image Sony Ericsson: Walkman W960i
To support the launch of Sony Ericsson’s most impressive music phone, we created a seamless integrated campaign. With executions in press, online and the launch of a radio programme, each communication was designed to show the new Sony Ericsson W960i Walkman ™ in a unique and memorable way that built awareness and created an emotional connection with our audience.

feature image Mercedes-Benz: Poise
BJK&E and Mercedes-Benz created a dedicated business partnership with The Independent in order to spearhead the new C-Class launch in June 2007. The campaign devised by the Solutions Team at The Independent was truly integrated across print and online channels.

feature image Opodo: 48 hours
The Independent's 48 Hours is one of our iconic and most respected brands. We offered Opodo exclusive sponsorship and ownership of this brand and it's content over a twelve month period. The result was an exciting and innovative campaign across print and online.

feature image Toyota Yaris: BigSMALL
Toyota wanted to promote their Yaris car with the aim to make it the first car in its class Independent readers think of. It was vital to execute the BigSMALL campaign’s message through a series of balances and contrasts; of size, magnitude, power and effect.

feature image Sony Ericsson: The Secret Review
In order to bring Sony Ericsson closer to the Bond brand, we proposed to produce a magazine that had the look and feel of our award winning Sunday magazine The Sunday Review. The magazine was created to appeal to the entire readership of The Independent.

feature image 48 Hours: Emirates
To position Emirates as the number one global carrier to the Independent readership we created a campaign, which gave them exclusive sponsorship of the ‘48 Hours’ pillar brand. The Independent Traveller supplement on Saturday featured 26 Emirates key priority destinations both in print and online. This resulted in an increased awareness of Emirates to 96% among Independent readers.