Welcome to the East of England photography competition gallery. LAST CHANCE TO ENTER! The competition now closes on 25 April, click here for more information
Here is a selection of the best entries so far..

Peter Barrett Barrett Frinton on Sea
Martin Mahony Adventure Island
Wernick Snape Maltings (Andrew Wernick) Wernick Snape Maltings
Clarke Bunwell (Emily Clarke) Clarke Bunwell
Gonzales Deer (Nathaniel Gonzales) Gonzales Deer
Hennessy Hadleigh Castle (Louisa Hennessy) Hadleigh Castle
Tunnicliffe Sculpture (Sarah Tunnicliffe) Tunnicliffe Sculpture
Morris Wansford (Mary Morris) Morris Wansford
Dunwich beach (Martin Mahony) Dunwich beach
Hadleigh Castle (Donald Macalister) Hadleigh Castle
Leppard Leigh (Diana Leppard) Leppard Leigh
Smith Seals (Barbara Smith) Smith Seals
Litton Framlingham Castle (R A Litton) Framlingham Castle
Fincham Swans (Sue Fincham) Fincham Swans
Knight Beach Huts (Peter Knight) Knight Beach Huts
Clarke Colchester (Maria Clarke) Clarke Colchester
Hines Shed (Graham Hines) Hines Shed
Staples Web (Stephanie Staples) Staples Web
Goddard Rose & Crown (Ian Goddard) Ampthill, Bedfordshire
Wright Docks (Colin Wright) Wright Docks
Burton Norwich (Ruth Burton) Burton Norwich
James Lighthouse (Jeremy James) Burton Norwich
Luck Bluebells (Peter Luck) Luck Bluebells
Sudhakar Hunstanton (Sonia Sudhakar) Sudhakar Hunstanton
Colbran St Johns (David Colbran) Colbran St Johns
Teatheredge Willi Lott (John Teatheredge) Teatheredge Willi Lott
Peterson Cambridge (Gerry Peterson) Peterson Cambridge
William Burgon Steam Engine Steam Engine
Porter Minsmere (Mike Porter) Porter Minsmere
Stewart Kings College (Michael Stewart) Stewart Kings College
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