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feature image Toshiba Satellite P200-1FC £899.99
(support and protection £9.99 per month)

If you want to use your laptop to store movies and more, you need an especially large hard drive, like this 250GB model. The 17in widescreen display makes for great viewing and because it's a Toshiba TruBrite screen, it offers lifelike realism. And everything, from games to movies, looks even better thanks to a dedicated 256MB graphics card. What's more, you can launch the DVD player without booting up Windows, using Toshiba's Easy Keys, which saves time. The stereo speakers, from Harman Kardon, provide great sound. Connectivity is strong, not least because of a built-in wireless connection that conforms to the latest Wireless N specifications. There's both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so lots of connections are possible. An integrated webcam makes video messaging easy. Find out more

feature image Sony AR51J £999.99
(support and protection £13.99 per month)

There are two formats fighting it out to be the platform for next generation DVDs. One is HD DVD, the other is Blu-ray, and this stylish laptop has a Blu-ray disc drive built in. The 17in screen is large and detailed enough to make it a decent alternative to a regular screen and helps Blu-ray discs shine out. There's a large hard drive (250GB) and a generous 2GB of RAM, which works with the dedicated 256MB graphics card to make things look even better. The built-in webcam and microphone make keeping in touch easy and, as always with Sony, the machine won't look out of place in the most chic living room or bedroom. Find out more

feature image HP HDX9120EA £1,699.99
(support and protection £13.99 per month)

This laptop is a serious alternative to a desktop computer but, of course, you can take it with you wherever you go. Its screen, at 20in, is bigger than many desktop monitors' and it has a similarly gargantuan hard drive (320GB) and RAM (a whopping 4GB), which will ensure the machine never runs slowly. It's a real powerhouse and includes an HD DVD drive so you can play HD DVD discs. An HDMI connector means you can link the laptop to an HD-ready TV and play the discs on an even bigger screen. As if all that weren't enough, it boasts a television tuner and a memory card reader, which can read five popular formats of storage card. There's a remote control, too, which neatly pops out of the computer frame, and the screen even pivots forward to ensure you can have it at exactly the angle you want. This laptop also conforms to the latest Wireless N standards and has a built-in camera. Find out more

feature image ION USB Turntable £119.99
If you have lots of music on vinyl LPs but no longer have a turntable to play them on, this cutting-edge machine will give those albums a new lease of life. Place the needle on the record and the turntable saves the songs as digital files. Once converted to MP3s, you can transfer them to your digital music player. If your LPs are getting a little tired, or there are scratches on them, you can even clean up the sound as you go. And you can, of course, play your records using the turntable as a player as well as a music converter. Find out more

feature image Harman Kardon Soundsticks II £99.99
These futuristic-looking speakers have a curvy, sleek profile and look as good as they sound, with a touch-sensitive volume and mute control and a powerful, transparent subwoofer. Inside, there are cool LED lights, which enhance the look further, and you can even connect your iPod straight to the speakers without the need for a computer in between. Strikingly stylish to look at, the Soundsticks II are a conversation piece even when they're switched off. And thanks to their powerful sound, they'll attract attention when they're in use, whether you're playing music or using them as speakers for computer gaming. Find out more

feature image Logitech Squeezebox £199.99
Your music is stored in MP3 or other digital files on your computer, but you want to play it in another room. What do you do? The Squeezebox uses your wireless network to send music wherever you want it. Connect one part to your PC or Mac and the other to speakers or a music system elsewhere in your home. Music is then streamed to your speakers, whether it's music tracks on your computer or internet radio stations. You can even browse music from online services. Simple to set up and use, it has a strong audio quality. Find out more

feature image 16GB Apple iPod Touch £269
(support and protection £1.99 per month)

The latest iPod is one of the most exciting pieces of hardware yet from Apple. Like the iPhone, it has a touch-sensitive screen so you can scroll through your tracks, albums, photos, videos and contacts just by brushing your finger against it. The 3.5in screen makes video look sensational and the device knows whether you're holding it upright or on its side and formats the content to fit accordingly. There's more: built-in Wi-Fi means you can surf the internet wherever there's a suitable connection, and the music player is exceptionally strong, even by Apple's standards. A really remarkable product. Find out more