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The Saab Question Everything Series is a series of supplements, films and online content designed to promote the independent, innovative thinking with which both Saab and The Independent have traditionally been associated. Its purpose is not only to inform but to explore different points of view and to provoke debate.


Visionaries: A Celebration of People Who Shape Our Future

In our third online supplement we're focusing on Visionaries past and present, and how our world continues to be shaped by everything from the telephone to space tourism.

John Walsh ponders the mystery of vision, Clare Rudebeck goes in search of the future, Marcus Field celebrates ambitious architecture and Rhodri Marsden imagines the new internet.

Explore our in-depth features on what has, hasn't, does and might work, then join the debate with your visions for a chance to win a fantastic Saab Arctic Adventure holiday and a Saab Everywhere bike.


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Saab Question Everything Series, our feature video focuses on Ken Yeang, a pioneering architect working to 'a vertical theory of urban design'


Do you dream of changing the world?

Check out the Channel 4 site for more information about modern day visionaries brought to you by Saab.