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Free Indie Tracks!


Want to beat the crowd? Want to hear the hottest indie music before it’s even released? Then read on. Sony Ericsson is offering you the chance to download 10 free tracks from the cool new compilation album, YOU DON’T KNOW: NINJA CUTS, from leading indie label Ninja Tune.

Ninja Tune has been going for 18 years, making it one of the leading and coolest independent record labels around. You Don’t Know is its fifth classic compilation and, like its predecessors, signposts both where the label has come from and where it’s heading. Although there are tracks on this three-CD compilation dating back as far as 1998, there are also nine tracks (from some of Ninja Tune’s biggest acts) that won’t be released until later this year.

The compilation YOU DON'T KNOW: NINJA CUTS is released on 11 March, click here to pre-order your copy.