48 Hours: Emirates

Brief: Position Emirates as the number one global carrier to the Independent readership. Align Emirates with one of our respected pillar brands to develop a strong relationship and build a higher awareness of Emirates destinations.


  • Continue to position Emirates as a global carrier
  • Continue with Emirates’ brand building programme
  • Promote new routes i.e. Beijing
  • Promote both Business and Leisure travel
  • Communicate New Product Development i.e. more comfortable seats, 500 channel TV etc

Print: Emirates were given exclusive sponsorship of the ‘48 Hours’ pillar brand.

For 26 weeks over a 12 month period The Independent will produce ‘48 hours’ that will feature 26 of Emirates key priority destinations.

Simon Calder, Travel Editor, confirmed all 26 destinations with a schedule of when they will run throughout the year. Each week we ran an Emirates key priority destination and worked with Emirates and Mediacom to produce a flight or tour offer that related to the editorial. This took the form of a 5x12 strip running along the bottom of the entire double page spread.

Each time we featured a key priority destination, the 48 hours editorial was sponsored ‘in association Emirates’. Each time we featured a key priority destination, Simon Calder only mentioned the top 3 direct route carriers, including, of course Emirates.

Online: There was an online replication of all 26 '48 hours' print articles, with live links to Emirates’ website. Emirates was placed above each sponsored '48 hours'.

There were a minimum of 150,000 skyscrapers per month to drive traffic to the Emirates site. It consisted of a ‘Book a flight’ search facility which was placed at the bottom of each of the 26 '48 hours'.

There were a minimum of 4 insertions per month in our daily e-mail newsletter with links to the Emirates website. The Emirates Collection; We produced PDF's of each print article that enabled the reader to print off a full colour version (as it appeared in The Traveller).

Results | Independent Readers and Travel
  • 82.8% of Independent readers have been on holiday in the last 12 months, a higher proportion than any other readers of a quality newspaper.
  • 64.2% of Independent readers travelled by air in the last 12 months.
  • 66.9% of Independent readers have been on 2 or more holidays in the last 12 months, a higher proportion than any other readers of a quality newspaper.
  • 64.9% of Independent readers are interested in the travel section of the newspaper.
  • Independent readers spent on average more money on their last holiday than readers of any other quality newspaper.

Online Results:

Table 1: The following are results of the microsite.
Campaigns AdViews AdClicks Click rate
Total 20,763,831 40,180 Clicks 0.19%  (0.07% Avg.)

Table 2: The following are results of the microsite.
Campaigns COOKIES
Number of active cookies 20,427,132 (98.38 %)

Results from Survey
  • Overall awareness of Emirates – 96%
  • For leisure purposes – 23% have flown with Emirates
  • For business purposes – 10% have flown with Emirates
Table 3: Perception of Emirates
  Users: Non-Users Experience Gap
Likely to fly 86% (again) 46% +40%
Friendly 64% 36% +28%
Good value 46% 21% +25%
Good service 81% 62% +19%
Comfortable 65% 50% +15%
Innovative 27% 18% +9%
Premium 39% 57% -18%

Independent Readers’ View of Emirates:

“I always associated Emirates with higher end/business travel to economic centres in the Middle and near East. Now I realise you target a broader travel sector”

“It’s raising its profile amongst sophisticated consumers”

“Quality, reliable, high standard of service, trusted”

“Innovative and forward thinking”

“Excellent PR, congratulations!”

“Innovative airline”

“Wants to reinforce the brand image by linking to a high-end newspaper and promoting the destinations it serves”

“It’s innovative and should be found to be very attractive and indicates, as with the newspaper, a genuine liberal culture”

Richard O’Connor
Creative Solutions Director
Tel: 0207 005 2092
Mob: 07747 567 723
Start Date: February 2005 (A follow on campaign started 2006)