Mercedes-Benz: Poise

Brief: BJK&E and Mercedes-Benz were looking to create a dedicated business partnership with a relevant media group in order to spearhead the new C-Class launch in June 2007.

The primary task was to build a bespoke, deeper integrated cross platform solution to communicate the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class.


The main objective is to build brand awareness of the new model and initiate a change of the C-Class image.
A secondary objective is to generate good quality responses with an emphasis on test drive requests.
All activity should direct prospects to the Mercedes-Benz interactive experience and the user should feel a seamless transition between the solution to this brief and the final digital destination.

Campaign | Print:
The Independent supported the launch of the new C-Class with a multi-media solus campaign called Poise, starting with the first of a series of three bespoke 24 page magazines.

The campaign focused on the philosophy of Serene Agility and Poise examined how this concept extended into three different arenas.

Essentially each magazine explored how ultimate performance is delivered not just through power but via poise and control. Issue-one included interviews with Sienna Millar, Darcey Bussell, and outlandish fashion designer Hussein Chalayan. Issue-two looked at serene agility within sport, and issue-three was based on technology and innovation. All three issues were inserted in branded polybags.


Campaign | Online: Mercedes: Poise microsite
The deal brokered by BJK&E with The Independent Solutions Team, was a four-month campaign, which included four mini-movies, three e-zines, a specially created online game, and a bespoke microsite. Three of the four mini-movies are extensions of each issue of poise, and the last mini-movie is a ‘best of’ compilation. Each mini-movie was available on the microsite, on Mercedes-Benz’s mobile platform and to Mercedes-Benz retailers for use in their respective showrooms.

The first mini-movie was launched alongside the first Poise magazine and included an extended video version of the interview with surgeon Tim Lloyd and footage of his work in the operating theatre. It also included a look at the fascinating craft of sushi through the eyes of sushi chef Kazutoshi Endo. The rest of the campaign followed a similar format with interviews with leading figures in sport and technology.


Vodcast – “Poise”
Interviews with two of the people featured in this design and technology issue of Poise, the creations of whom epitomise poise, serenity and agility, just like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Eurostar designer Michael Rodber and Matthew Bedward from 3DReid, the company that designed the stunning new Farnborough Airport, provide a fascinating insight into the design process involved in creating an icon.

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Results | Online Results

Full results and statistics will be released after the campaign has finished in autumn 2007. So far we have collected the following online results:

Online Game:

  • 1001 people have signed up on the NORMAL game
  • 440 people have signed up on the IndyVsAgency game
  • 4915 game plays in total

Poise Website:

  • 14,275,000 impressions delivered via banners, skys and buttons

Louise Galvin, Group Head at BJK&E, said: “Poise demonstrates the leadership credentials of Mercedes-Benz through a variety of innovative and bespoke platforms. The partnership with The Independent has been designed to target conquest customers whilst explaining the enhanced product features of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class.”

Richard Payne, Marketing Communications Manager at Mercedes-Benz said: “This activity showcases the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class in a dynamic and interactive way, allowing consumers to gain a deeper understanding of C-Class positioning in the marketplace”.

Simon Hosannah

Motoring Account Manager
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