We started to wonder how competitive you are. So fill in this survey and we will be able to tell you how competitive you are. We will then correlate all the scores from your company as an average and build a table of results to see which agency/business has the most competitive team.

Please pass on to all your colleagues... But you will have to be very good to beat the Sales Team at The Independent – whose average score is 17 out of 20 “get out the way winning is everything!!” Our readers score highly too averaging 13 out of 20 "can be competitive".

We will be giving away 6-bottle cases of wine away as spot prizes… Judges decision is final.

Good luck and don’t forget to check out not only our fantastic new Sport Supp but also your agency’s scores!  

Here is how The Independent are doing on sports and competitiveness against the national average.

• Take part in team sport regularly index 174 (Indy)
• Take part in individual sport regularly index 154 (Indy)
• Do some form of sport/exercise at least once a week 132 (Indy & IOS) highest of all quality papers
• Our readers usually watch TV programmes in the sport genre IOS (122) and Indy (96)
• Interested in all individual sports 116 (Indy) and 103 (IOS)
• Interested in all team sports 136 (Indy) and 122 (IOS)
• Belong to a sports club 157 (IOS) and 131 (Indy)
• Pay to watch sports on sat/cable/digital 135 (IOS) and 90 (Indy)
• My work is my career not just a job 165 (Indy) and 140 (IOS)
• I want to get to the top of my career 154 (Indy) and 154 (IOS)
• It’s important my family thinks I’m doing well 110 (Indy) and 107 (IOS)
• Participate in online gambling 261 (IOS) and 227 (Indy)
• Sacrifice time with family to get ahead 130 (IOS) and 111 (Indy)

Source: TGI GB Quarter 3 April 07 - March 08