Weekend: Saturday: The Independent Magazine

It is targeted unashamedly at an intelligent readership, with a variety of features each week that include celebrity interviews, current affairs, art or photographic exhibitions. These are all combined with a mix of games and crosswords, weekly contributors and regular lifestyle columns.

Regulars range from columns by Will Self and Christopher Hirst to fashion from Susannah Frankel, gardening with Anna Pavord and recipes from Mark Hix of the world famous Ivy restaurant. New additions such as ‘How do I look’, ‘Heroes and villains’ and the Gadgets page round off apackage which inspires all weekend. The Independent Magazine also produces dedicated ‘Special Issues’ each year, with the whole issue given over to one theme. These include Food & Drink, Travel, Fashion and Christmas Gifts.

The Facts: The Independent Magazine – Editor – Laurence Earle

  • Total Readership: 709,000
  • Male Bias: 56%
  • Social Grade ABC1: 86%
  • Aged under 45: 52%
  • Married/Living as married: 67%
  • Average personal income: £28,606
  • Have children (under 16): 21%
  • Live in London/South East: 51%

Source: NRS July 06 –June 07


The Independent Traveller

Our Saturday travel pull-out is a comprehensive guide packed with the latest travel advice and hottest destinations. Broad thinking in its editorial and featuring both well-known and off-beat places to go, it offers both in-depth and insightful knowledge. With features such as ‘A Complete Guide to’ and ’48 hours’, readers are given a detailed and thorough view highlighting where to stay, what to do, what to listen to and what to see.

"Since its inception, the travel section has devised its own agenda, creating much imitated strands such as the 48 Hours city guides and Complete Guides on an eclectic range of travel topics."

The Facts: The Independent Traveller – Editor – Simon Calder

  • Independent readers are frequent travellers - 60% go on two or more holidays a year
  • They are adventurous – over half of all readers prefer to take holidays off the beaten track
  • 89% of Independent readers agree with the statement ‘I like the idea of travelling abroad’ Over half of all readers have used the internet to book flights or holidays

Source: TGI Apr 06 – Mar 07

.save & spend

Our personal finance supplement, covering a wide range of topics from mortgages, loans and credit cards to savings accounts, pensions and investments. Written with The Independent reader in mind, and featuring David Prosser’s award winning column, it enables readers to get the best possible deal for their money. Regular columnists also include Rosie Millard and Sean O’Grady.

The Facts: .save and spend – Editor – James Daley

  • Over half of all readers of The Independent have an ISA
  • 38% of readers have made changes to their financial arrangements in the last 12 months
  • Over a third of readers have stocks or shares
  • Over half of all readers have a mortgage

Source: TGI April 06 – March 07


The Information

‘The essential guide to going out and staying in’ – The Information is targeted at young, urban professionals who want to make the most of their leisure time. Every Saturday this 68 page entertainment and listings supplement features ’50 of the best’, ranging from the 50 best places to eat al fresco, to the 50 best bathrooms essentials and the 50 best home computers. As well as publishing full 7 day tv, satellite and radio listings which reflect its national distribution, The Information also contains reviews and details of what’s showing in the arts, books, film, music, clubs, comedy, and much more.

"The pick of the country's arts and entertainment events in a compact form. The weekly "50 Best" survey is one of the only genuine cut-out-and-keep sections of any daily newspaper."

The Facts: The Information – Co-Editor – Stuart Price

  • Total Readership: 652,000
  • Male Bias: 57%
  • Social Grade ABC1: 86%
  • Aged under 45: 50%
  • Married/Living as married: 67%
  • Average personal income: £27,374
  • Have children under 16: 21%
  • Live in London/South East: 50%

Source: NRS July 06 – June 07