The Secret Review

Brief:To coincide with the launch of the latest Bond movie, Casino Royale, Sony Ericsson needed a campaign that will promote its forthcoming mobile phones and its association with Bond.

Brand association needs to be established with James Bond as Sony Ericsson’s phones are featured in the Bond film.

In addition to print advertising, the campaign should also incorporate a microsite which has the look and feel of the Independent’s website but with a James Bond twist.


  • Create a brand association between Sony Ericsson and James Bond in order to promote Sony Ericsson's latest K800i Cybershot™ and M600i phones.

Campaign: As mobile phones and James Bond have mass appeal, the overall campaign was created to appeal to both these audiences.

Print: In order to bring Sony Ericsson closer to the Bond brand, we proposed to produce a magazine that had the look and feel of our award winning Sunday magazine The Sunday Review. The magazine was created to appeal to the entire readership of The Independent.

The same editorial and design team that produce The Sunday Review created the Secret Review. As with the regular magazine the content covered everything from lead features to fashion and from gadgets to travel.

Online: The Independent also created a microsite, which showcased interviews with James Bond stars; Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen. The site also contained sections putting the Sony Ericsson's K800i Cybershot™ through its paces, a behind the scenes section and a closer look at gadgets used in the film. Furthermore, the site contained sections on Fashion, Car Tests, Travel, Cocktails and Soundtracks. These were all linked with the Secret Review Magazine.

The navigation and content within the microsite was also related to Bond. 


Independent readers view of Bond

Survey completed immediately after first week of screenings

  • 17% - had seen already

  • 26% - were definitely going to see

  • 23% - will probably go and see

  • 22% - might go, and only 13% said that they weren’t interested

Favourite all time Bond film?

  • 23% - Goldfinger

  • 14% - From Russia With Love
  • 13% - Dr No           

  • 5% - Casino Royale (5th)

Independent readers view on mobile phones

How many own mobiles?

  • 96% own mobiles of which 53% are on a contract.

Current ownership

The most popular mobile brand is Nokia.

  1. Nokia (45%)
  2. Sony Ericcson (18%)
  3. Motorola (15%)
  4. Other (10%) : From the comments Siemens was the most popular
  5. Samsung (8%)

To measure the effectiveness of the print media campaign, The Secret Review, a survey was conducted through email to the Independent panel.


Who sponsored the Casino Royale site?
87% said the site was sponsored by Sony Ericsson (9% were not sure).

Do you recall any advertising for Sony Ericsson ?

66% recalled seeing advertising for Sony Ericsson products (unprompted).

The Secret Review had an overall recall rate of 67% of which 23% said they were more likely to buy a Sony Ericsson handset in the future.

The Secret Review had an overall recall rate of 67%

40% recall seeing The Secret Review (unprompted)
When prompted 45% remember seeing The Secret Review

How many were aware of the association between Sony Ericsson and Casino Royale?
67% of readers and internet users were aware of the tie in.

Independent Readers’ View of Emirates:

“It was innovative and very interesting, adding to the pleasure of seeing the film”

“It was a great addition to the Sunday paper. Interesting background to the film”

“I liked the fact it contained the normal Independent content, but with a Bond twist”

“Comprehensive, enjoyable, mix of light and cerebral”

“It livened up the Sunday paper considerably”

“It looked at the movie and chose to discuss interesting things attached to the movie in a way most papers would not”

“Easy and entertaining weekend read”

“It was all wonderfully pure escapist Bond!”

Online Results:

Table 1: The following are results of the microsite.
Campaigns AdViews AdClicks Click rate
Total 1,832,735 1,609 0.09 % (0.07% Avg.)

Table 2: The following are results of the microsite.
Campaigns COOKIES
Number of active cookies 1,810,181 (98.77 %)

Microsite user comments:
“Great insight into the movie detailing many gadgets, fashion issues and the exclusive section, very funny”

“Design, images, banners really stood out. The travel and cocktails content was interesting”

“All it had to do was talk about the movie to get my attention”

“Design, images, banners really stood out. The travel and cocktails content was interesting”

“It was different to all the other same old same old sites out there. It was fun, informative, and enjoyable”


Imogen Griffiths, Sony Ericsson Marketing Manager UK & Ireland said:
"We are really pleased to be working with The Independent on this exciting Bond feature. The professional and creative approach applied to the project by The Independent has helped create a seamless strategic partnership and a Casino Royale supplement that communicates our product attributes and brand personality perfectly."

Richard O’Connor
Creative Solutions Director
Tel: 0207 005 2092
Mob: 07747 567 723
Campaign Start: November 2006