Weekend: Sunday

Re-launched as a new compact in June 2007, the new Independent on Sunday contains everything you need on a Sunday and nothing you don’t. It retains all the quality journalism and in-depth analysis our readers are used to but in a much more compact format. All news, reviews, travel and sport is contained in the main section with the pull out Business on Sunday and the New Review, our groundbreaking Sunday magazine packed full of fashion, food and features.

After the departure of Tristan Davies, John Mullin has been appointed as new editor. He said: “I am thrilled to take over as editor of The Independent on Sunday. These are challenging times, but I take over a paper in robust health and with a hugely committed and energetic staff, and I relish the task ahead.”


The New Review

The New Review is a part of the ‘World’s best designed newspaper’. It has always been renowned for its strong reportage, news features and cultured outlook. Over time The Review has developed into a more rounded product, reflecting the changing needs of Sunday readers, whilst still holding true to its core values…black and white reportage photography and current affairs stories sit happily alongside features on Jean Paul Gaultier or the Bollywood invasion. It combined the following sections, making it a more compact and user-friendly read:

  • Revue features the latest on celebrities, parties and trends as well as a regular column by Vicki Woods.
  • Arts&Books usually contains a leading media feature as well as literature reviews
  • Living features fashion, beauty, food, motoring and gardening. Regulars include recipes by Skye Gyngell of Petersham Nurseries and restaurant reviews by Terry Durack
  • 7-day TV guide

The Facts: Sunday: The New Review - Editor - Bill Tuckey

  • Total Readership: 643,000
  • Male Bias: 56%
  • Social Grade ABC1: 87%
  • Aged under 45: 61%
  • Married/Living as married: 68%
  • Average personal income: £25,781
  • Have Children under 16: 27%
  • Live in London/South East: 49%

Source: NRS July 06 – June 07


Business on Sunday

The Sunday business pull out contains all current business and media news plus all you need to know about the world of finance. Top news reporting and analysis for example on endowments, the housing market, or pensions, caters for the needs of our readers. It also contains regular case studies to offer more detailed information.

"The IOS business section is aimed at urban professionals, who would be computer literate, socially aware and aspirational. We tend to concentrate on issues that would appeal to someone who sees business in its broadest context - from running a hedge fund to managing a health service trust.We take an international perspective, as in business Britain is not an island, and like to promote creativity and innovation.”

The Facts: Business on Sunday

  • 74% of IoS readers say that they are more aware of personal finance then they used to be
  • 85% of readers have one or more credit cards
  • 43% have a personal pension plan

Source: TGI April 06 – March 07


Travel on Sunday

The Compact Guide to the World, the travel section covers all the latest destinations and locations for the discerning traveler. Written with the freethinking traveler in mind this Guide covers everything from jet-set travel, city breaks, hotel recommendations and adventure travel, this Guide countries, regions or types of holidaying. Our Sunday travel section presents options around a topic with the aim to inform and inspire.

The Facts: Travel on Sunday

  • Over half of IoS readers say they have a keen sense of adventure
  • Half say they prefer holidays off the beaten track
  • 27% of readers say they would never think of taking a package holiday

Source: TGI April 06 – March 07