Weekday: Thursday: Extra, .education & careers

"Our aim in the Education supplement is to entertain and inform our readers, and to present serious debates to an audience of professionals, parents and teachers."

The Independent’s unique weekly supplement that explores the relationship between learning and earning. With comment, analysis and advice from industry leaders as well as recent graduates, .education & careers attracts a wide audience of readers in the education community. It focuses on all levels, from primary to higher and further education.

The regular .postgraduate special and column offers the perfect platform for advertisers wishing to reach students, parents, teachers and adults looking to expand their skill base. In addition, advertisers have the opportunity to book into our Pan-European network into prestigious papers such as ‘Le Monde’, ‘Corriere Della Sera’, ‘El Pais’ and ‘The Irish Times’.

The Facts: .education & careers – Editor – Lucy Hodges

  • 89,000 students read The Independent
  • Nearly half of all readers are graduates
  • 14% of readers plan to move jobs in the next six months
  • Independent readers are more than twice as likely to be working in education (Index 270)

Source: NRS October 06 – September 07