Competition Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Winner : Monty Munford
Emotion : Innocence
Caption : Two boys, one beach, happy as Larry.

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Week 6 Winner

Winner : Lisa Wilkinson
Emotion : Love
Caption : This photograph was taken just after Charlie, the grey cat, had returned from a visit to the vets, and it was one of the sweetest things I have seen.

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Week 5 Winner
Winner : Mr Gary Palmer
Emotion : Sad / Lonely
Excerpt : 29 years old, single and gay. Surely that ticks off the three boxes for anyone to be happy. I am still in the 25-30 box. I can do what I want with who I want whenever I want. And I am gay.. Need I say more. So why so sad?

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Week 4 Winner

Winner : Mr Peter Spreckley
Emotion : Pride
Caption : Galapagos seal lion taking in the last of sun's rays..

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Week 3 Winner

Winner : Mr Jeff hutchinson
Emotion : Hate
Caption : Action Man had to deal with a rabid dog.

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Week 2 Winner

Winner : Peter Carpenter
Emotion : Happy
Caption : Happiness - a paper aeroplane.

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Week 1 Winner
This weeks winner of a Virgin experience day, worth around £500.

Winner: Robert James Hinchcliffe
Emotion: JOY
Caption: My grandad enjoying an ice cream in the pub!

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