Pure Finlandia

Purity, whether of feelings or our environment, describes something that is unspoilt, untouched and true.

Finlandia has natural purity at its heart, using two ingredients derived entirely from the natural environment of Finland. The pure glacial spring water requires no additional treatment because nature created the perfect filter more than 10,000 years ago during the last ice age.

Its other key ingredient, special low-oil, six-row barley, soaks up Finland's pure water and pristine air, drawing nourishment from its untainted soils. Along with the sustaining glow of the Midnight Sun, the barley ripens slowly and this natural process provides perfect growing harmony, resulting in a clean taste that is crisp and unmistakable.

So while each bottle of vodka is a product of the natural, unspoilt environment of Finland, this website celebrates the natural purity of your emotions - in all their raw, untainted glory.

For more information on Finlandia Vodka, visit www.finlandia.com