pc world Buyers guide: Relax

feature image Sony NR11SS £599.99
(support and protection £8.99 per month)

This laptop may be keenly priced but it offers plenty of power. For a start, there's the Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 processor, which is fast and capable. Along with 2GB of RAM to keep everything moving fast, there's a huge 200GB hard drive, so you won't run out of space any time soon. And if things do start getting clogged up, the DVD writer burns to duallayer discs, meaning you can save more than 9GB of data on each disc. The large, 15.4in widescreen uses Sony's X-Black technology, so everything looks good, and there's plenty of connectivity thanks to four USB ports. Like many laptops, Wi-Fi comes as standard, so it's easy to connect to the internet whether you're at home or in a wireless-enabled hot spot. Sony's design aesthetic is evident, as always, in a patterned silver cover and neat, stylish keys. Find out more

feature image Toshiba P200-1EE £699.99
(support and protection £9.99 per month)

This laptop is definitely a desktop replacement. With a 17in screen, it's big enough to watch movies on. And since it includes a next generation HD DVD drive for playing HD DVDs in outstanding detail, you'll want to use it for movie watching. It's hard to convey how impressive this is just wait till you see it for yourself. Beads of sweat, blades of grass on a football pitch and every shard of glass in a special effect all leap out of the screen. Toshiba's LCD screen is colourful, rich and bright to boot. There's a 160GB hard drive, plenty of RAM (2GB) and a built-in webcam. The Toshiba P200-IEE also comes with Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium, the accessible and powerful interface with plenty of graphical sophistication. With all this extra capability, this is a very well-priced machine. Find out more

feature image Sony CR21R £999.99
(support and protection £13.99 per month)

It's always wise to buy the biggest hard drive you can afford because you'll fill it up faster than you think. This computer from Sony has a very big hard drive (200GB) and lots of RAM (2GB), not to mention powerful Intel Centrino Duo processing technology. It also boasts a built-in camera and is Bluetooth enabled. But what really makes this laptop stand out is its colour. The cover is Blazing Red, bold enough to make a real statement and guaranteed not to look like a bland computer in the corner of the room. The ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 graphics card makes everything look great on the X-Black LCD screen. Find out more

feature image Casio EX-Z8 Digital Camera £129.89
(three years instant replacement £19.99)

Casio has a gift for keenly priced, natty digital cameras, such as this one in a stylish black livery. The Casio EX-Z8 has 8.1 megapixels, so rich and detailed shots are assured, and there's even a video capture mode designed for YouTube. The camera has a standard 3x optical zoom and antishake technology, so the shots will be steady even if your hand isn't. Casio cameras are particularly good for newcomers to digital photography, as they have simple and accessible menus and scene settings for every situation. Find out more

feature image Ceiva 8in Wireless Digital Photo Frame £199.99
Since cameras went digital, photographs went from albums to computers and not much further. Until now. A digital photo frame lets you display your images as easily as putting a print in a conventional picture frame just pop a memory card from a digital camera into the slot in the frame. Because the images are digital, you can set the Ceiva to play a slide show and because this frame (unlike most) is wireless-enabled, you can transfer images via your wireless broadband network. There's even a choice of two interchangeable frame edges supplied. Find out more

feature image Slingbox Pro £199.99
Slingbox Pro is an ingenious device that enables you to watch what's on your home TV no matter where you are. It connects to your TV and home network, enabling you to watch what's on your TV on a laptop connected to the internet, whether you're upstairs in another room or in a hotel room across the world. Since it also has a Freeview tuner built in, you don't even need to attach it to your TV, merely your aerial. If you have Sky or cable, it will work with these as well. Find out more

feature image Microsoft Lifecam VX7000 Webcam £79.99
Webcams are a great way of keeping in touch with loved ones who live abroad. But whereas most are unattractive and basic, the Lifecam VX7000 looks great and is good enough to perch on the most style oriented of computers. It has a high-definition 2-megapixel video camera (so you can record detailed video and send it as e-mail attachments, for example), along with regular definition video for chatting live. There's also a stills camera capable of 7.6-megapixel images. The microphone has acoustic noise cancellation to deliver crystal-clear audio and the wide-angle lens means more than one person can squeeze into the picture at once, making it ideal for families. Find out more