Rebel Flags Collection Review

Rebel Flags Collection

Rebel Flags Collection is a fantastic package for fans of Assassin’s Creed, but it is also an excellent entry point to the series. The inclusion of Black Flag, the most popular and addictive Assassin’s Creed game, makes this one an absolute must-have for fans and newcomers alike.Find

A Confederate battle flag waves in the wind above a gravestone in a Civil War cemetery, in this LIFE photograph taken by J. D. Morton. Supporters associate the Confederate battle flag with pride in Southern heritage, states’ rights and historical commemoration of the Civil War. Opponents associate it with glorification of the Lost Cause, slavery, segregation, white supremacy, and historical negationism.

Rebel Spirit: Discover the Rebel Flags Collection

The flag used by General Robert E. Lee to surrender and end the Civil War was actually a common dish towel, tea-colored with age and manufactured with a waffle weave to make it more absorbent. Sonya Clark wants to replace the Confederate battle flag in popular culture with this simple white symbol of truce and surrender, which she has woven on a monumental scale, 30 feet by 15 feet.

The tumult over the Confederate battle flag has reopened questions about American patriotism and state flags. Several other states still fly Confederate battle flags on their state flagpoles, but the majority of Americans have retired it. It’s not entirely clear why. Some blame the decline in interest on the 2008 economic crash; others say the generation that collected Civil War memorabilia, including Confederate flags, is dying out without being replaced by a younger group of collectors.