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The Saab Question Everything Series is a series of supplements, films and online content designed to promote the independent, innovative thinking with which both Saab and The Independent have traditionally been associated. Its purpose is not only to inform but to explore different points of view and to provoke debate.


Biofuels: The Growing Debate

In our second online supplement we're focussing on whether biofuels really are the solution to all our energy-related problems, or if their production could actually end up doing more harm than good.

Sean O'Grady and Mark Lynas go head to head on whether the world really needs biofuels, Rebecca Wright explores the industry facts and looks at alternatives, and John Matthews suggests a compromise.

Explore our in-depth features examining both sides of the argument and looking into viable alternatives, and join the Saab Question Everything Series debate for the chance to win a fantastic Saab Arctic adventure holiday and Saab Everywhere bike.

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