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September: Mid-Autumn Festival

This Buddhist festival, often referred to as the Lantern Festival and widely known in Singapore as the Mooncake Festival, celebrates the full moon. Focused in Chinatown but also celebrated in other pockets of the city, you'll find the streets bedecked with paper lanterns, flamboyant decorations and street lights. Shops sell special mooncakes -- round pastries filled with lotus seed paste, preserved duck egg and other sweet contents - and there are competitions for the best lanterns ( (

September-October: Hari Raya Puasa

The Malay phrase for the Muslim celebration of Eid Al-Fitr, which marks of the end of the Ramadan. One of Singapore's largest religious festivals, it sees the streets of Kampong Glam and Geylang Serai brought to life with lights, traditional decorations, bazaars and food stalls (

October-November: Deepavali

The Tamil word for Divali, this is a significant festival for Hindus, Jains and Sikhs, and symbolises the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. It's also known as the Festival of Lights and is based in Little India with elaborate street lights on Serangoon Road (

November-January: Christmas in the Tropics

You won't escape Christmas festivities in Singapore. Orchard Road is illuminated with New York-style lights and decorations, while carols, concerts, parades and performances get everyone in festive mood. There are also countdowns and parties on New Year's Eve (

December: Zoukout

Zoukout is a 24-hour dance party on Singapore's Sentosa Island and is the biggest dance festival in Asia. The party is a spin-off from Singapore's nightclub Zouk, which is rated in the top five nighclubs in the world by international DJs. Zoukout brings together sensational entertainment over three arenas with a broad spectrum of styles from house to hip-hop, R&B and retro (

February: Chinese New Year

Nearly three quarters of Singapore's population is Chinese, so Chinese New Year is the biggest celebration in the calendar. Street lighting, festivals, shows and performances are staged with fervour, with the most elaborate taking place around Chinatown. 2008 is the year of the Rat (

Vesak Day

May-July: Great Singapore Sale

The first-time visitor to Singapore is struck by the sheer number of shopping malls. A celebration of this national retail obsession, this sale is like no other, with huge discounts, raffles, competitions and entertainment (

May: Vesak Day

The most sacred day of the Buddhist calendar marks the birth, enlightenment, and final nirvana of Buddha. The LianShan Shuang Temple will be decorated with flowers, colourful flags and candles (

June: Singapore Dragon Boat Festival

The 2,000-year-old festival commemorates the race to save the life of a Chinese poet, Qu Yuan, who drowned himself in protest against the corrupt Manchurian government. It is now one of the largest dragon boat races in Asia. The two day-events can be watched from the shore at Bedok Reservoir Park (

July: Singapore Food Festival

If Singaporeans have one great passion, it is their love for food and eating. When Singaporeans meet, the first question is usually "have you eaten", rather than "how are you". The Singapore Food Festival starts with a threeday opening ceremony and for the rest of the month venues across Singapore offer a variety of food-themed events. (

July-September: Hungry Ghost Festival

The seventh month of the lunar calendar is devoted to remembering the deceased. Food, prayers and "hell money" are offered to appease the ghosts, who are said to wander the streets for a month. Methods used to mollify the ghosts come in the forms of Chinese street opera (wayang), banquets and candle lighting.

August: Womad Singapore

An internationally renowned festival, Womad celebrates a diversity of music, arts and dance from countries and cultures spanning the globe. The festival, held in Singapore for the 11th time, will host an array of events including concerts. (

September: Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore joins the Formula 1 circuit by hosting its first race in September. The race will also mark Formula 1 history as the first night race, which will be held on a street circuit around Singapore's downtown Marina Bay area. ( COMPILED BY VIVIENNE BENSON AND LUKE ATIYAH

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