Welcome to our Where Worlds Meet photography gallery.

· We have discovered evidence of irregular voting in the Singapore Tourist Board Where Worlds Meet competition, which the judges have declared is clearly against the spirit of fair competition.

· The judges have decided to extend voting with a new voting period from Saturday 27th October at 06:00 hrs to Friday 2nd November. Voting will close on Friday 2nd November at midday, and the winner with the most votes will be notified by email on the same day by 5pm, and will win a fantastic four-night break for two to Singapore. The winning entry will be declared as soon as possible after 08:00 hrs on Saturday 3rd November.

Simon Calder (with an independent judge) will also choose a photograph from the collection, to win the same. The winning photos will be included in an edition of The Traveller early next year.

· As far as votes already cast are concerned, we will allow a maximum of 20 votes per IP address to stand as valid (an IP address is a unique code found in computers. In some instances, such as homes, companies or schools, a number of computers will share an IP address. This is why the judges have decided to limit the number of valid votes per IP address to 20). The judges have declared void all votes already made from any IP address over this number.

· When the extended voting period starts, voting will only be allowed via email to . This will work on a one person, one vote basis. To make sure that this is the case, we will also discount any subsequent votes made from the same email address. Email your name, address, telephone number and the number of your chosen photograph. The judges reserve the right to check email addresses are valid and that this condition has not been breached.

· As an incentive to voters in the extended period we are offering the chance for one voter to win a Sony DSCT200B Digital Camera. All voters will be entered into this prize draw where a winner will be picked at random, and will be notified by email by Monday 19th November.

· In the interest of fairness we will allow anyone who has voted in the previous voting period to vote one more time and therefore have a chance to win the camera. Votes can only be made by way of a valid email address.

· Voting is also subject to the competition terms and conditions on www.independent.co.uk/legal which all voters should read.

· The judges' decision in all matters is final and unchallengeable.

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