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Welcome to an Independent Travel Podcast for you to enjoy now, or to download and listen to at your leisure.

Join Simon Calder - the Independent's Travel Editor - on an exploration of the diverse and rich landscape of Singapore. Immerse yourself in the city 'at the crossroads of the world' and uncover the origins of its multi-faith culture, including Singapore's colonial history and the legacy of its founder, Sir Stamford Raffles.

Simon's journey begins at the atmospheric Grand Station Hall of Singapore station, at the end of the line through South East Asia. In this vibrant, chameleon city, Simon chats to the city's top tourist guide to learn the origins of the cultural division of land and how human nature took over to bring communities together, as well as picking up some tips on how not to offend the locals!

Venturing beyond the ultra modern facade of city skyscrapers, Simon also visits the Asian Civilisation Museum, where the senior curator of the South East Asia area shares her insights into the history behind the quirky, modern Singaporean culture. And later Simon uncovers the delights of Singaporean cuisine, discussing the great national dishes that no trip to Singapore would be complete without.

For more information about Singapore go to www.visitsingapore.com