Spray Foam Insulation Architects of Florida

Spray Foam Architects of Florida is an eco-friendly option that will improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce invasive allergens and contaminants, and protect it from water damage. It also helps cut down on carbon emissions, which can be harmful to the environment. Additionally, some spray foams are made with eco-friendly materials, which can further help reduce its environmental impact.

Why Choose Spray Foam Architects of Florida for Insulation

Unlike other types of insulation, spray foam can seal off holes and gaps in the building structure, making it an excellent choice for new construction projects and existing homes alike. It can be used in walls, floors, ceilings, attics, crawl spaces, and rim joists. It can even fill nooks and crannies around light fixtures, electrical outlets, and windows to make sure that the smallest parts of your home are covered.

It is an air barrier as well, preventing heat from passing through gaps and cracks. It also stops moisture, which prevents places like attics and crawl spaces from becoming damp, humid environments that can lead to mold and mildew.

One thing to keep in mind about spray foam is that it will off-gas during the spraying and curing process. This is why it’s always best to have a professional install it, and homeowners should evacuate their homes during the installation. However, some newer versions of the product use blowing agents that don’t off-gas as much or at all. In the past, some spray foams have used hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) blowing agents, which have a lower global warming potential than carbon dioxide on a per kilo basis.