Choose a Tattoo Studio in Krakow Poland Based on Your Preferences and Style

Getting inked is a Sprawdź renomowane studio tatuażu w Krakowie meaningful way to express yourself, mark a momentous event or commemorate a significant person. Choosing a tattoo studio in Krakow Poland, based on your preferences and style, is essential to the success of the design process. The Fresha app makes it easy to find recommendations, book appointments, and get inspired.

Yannis Karampetsos (Sake) was born in Athens, Greece, and discovered his passion for arts at an early age, when he started with graffiti and music. Later, he decided to focus on illustrating and drawing, which led him to Sake Tattoo Crew where he was able to develop his artistic personality and perfect his skills. He specializes in neojapanese and old school styles, bringing the influence of urban culture to his art.

From Concept to Creation: Inside Krakow’s Premier Tattoo Studios

Vassilis Logios is a member of Sake Tattoo Crew since 2014. His unique style is appreciated by fans of realistic retrowave tattoos with dark elements. He has a great sense of color, and his works are always characterized by a high level of professionalism and a meticulous work.

NIQ started his apprenticeship at Sake Tattoo Crew next to Dask and Kalodimas, where he was able to sharpen his skills. He has a special interest in geometric tattoos, lines, and dots, which is why his artworks are full of originality and character.

Lainey Bee is an owner of Custom Cult and Flowink studios in Cracow, a tattoo artist, a designer and the manufacturer of Stinger Storage – a needle holder that prevents damage to the needle during its storage. She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and artistic talent that she combines perfectly in her work. Her tattoos are very colorful and incredibly detailed, she also creates graphics and illustrates books.