Trading 212 Vs Vanguard


Trading 212 vs vanguard is a commission-free stock trading app that offers an array of asset classes and features tailored to active traders, including real-time data, detailed chart analysis, and practice mode. In addition to stocks, ETFs, and forex, the platform also allows users to trade cryptocurrencies (via CFDs).

Trading 212 vs Vanguard: Which is Better

In addition to its broad range of investment options, Trading 212 also provides educational resources for investors and traders. These include news articles, research papers, videos, blogs, and social media commentary on various topics ranging from investment products to retirement planning and the overall market. The company also offers a demo account where investors can learn the basics of investing and trading without risking their own money.

Vanguard, on the other hand, is a leading provider of low-cost index funds and ETFs, catering to long-term investors seeking a passive approach to investing. The company also offers a number of retirement savings plans such as the Vanguard ISA and the Vanguard SIPP, which provide a tax-efficient way to invest in their funds.

Besides the fees mentioned above, both companies also charge certain transaction fees that may be included in the spread or added to your total cost if you are trading CFDs (which carries high risks and volatility). For example, when buying Vanguard ETFs on the Trading 212 platform, you might incur a 0.15% platform fee capped at PS375 per year. However, the broker also pays 15% US withholding tax on dividends they receive, which can bring the effective total cost to about 0.5%.